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So you've booked your driving test - Good Luck :))

Just some information what the examiner is looking for in order for you to gain your pass certificate.

What you need to bring on the test day: Your provisional driving license.

Test duration: 40 minutes

There are 5 parts to your driving test.

1) Eyesight check - You should be able to read a new style number plate from 20 metres, or 20.5 metres with an old-style number plate. You can use glasses or contact lenses, if necessary. The test will not start if your unable to read the number plate.

2) Show me, tell me car safety questions - You will be asked two questions either at the start of your test or during your test. You will not fail if you answer incorrectly, however, it may not start your test on a good note.

3) General driving ability - Your examiner will give a set of directions, You will cover various road and traffic conditions.

4) Reversing your car - You will be asked to perform a reverse manouvre.

5) Independent driving. Driving independently with traffic signs/road markings or using a Sat Nav for approximately 20 minutes. The examiner will let you know which you have to follow.

Pass Mark - 15 or lower driver faults (minors) = Pass

Driver fault (minor) - Not potentially dangerous, but if your a repeat offender within the same area then this may become a serous fault.

Serious fault - Something potentially dangerous = Fail.

Dangerous fault - Actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property. = Fail

Top 10 reasons for failing your driving test.

1) Junctions - observations

2) Mirrors - change direction.

3) Control - steering.

4) Junctions - turning right.

5) Move off - safely.

6) Response to signs - traffic lights.

7) Move off - control.

8) Positioning - normal driving.

9) Response to signs - road markings.

10) Reverse park - control.

Roxies will ensure that we will cover all that is necessary for you to abtain your 1st time pass.

We do plenty of Mock tests leading up to your practical test, so you should feel more at ease on the actual test day itself.






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